Wylma O.


Wylma Orosz

2012 Winner

Saskatoon, SK
Nominated by Janine Katelnikoff

Volunteered for:

Canadian Girl Guides
Saskatoon Symphony
Oliver Lodge
Hand Bells
Holiday Park Community Association
St. John Bosco Parish
Saskatoon Craft Guild

Length of Service:

Wylma has been a volunteer most of her adult life and has been extremely motivated to helping others in her retirement years. The length of years since retirement is 10 years and she has been a senior for 5 years.

Hours per Month:


March 14, 2012

Wylma has been volunteering for most of her life.

I first met Wylma in about 1979 when she began volunteering for the Girl Guides of Canada as a Guide leader. She took on the position because there was not a leader for our area and her daughter was at an age to register in the Guiding Company. Necessity is the motivator in many instances of life.

Wylma is still involved with Guiding to this day but as a helper rather than a guide instructor. She now gives 10 -15 hours a month to Guiding. She supports the youth units where needed and helps to facilitate celebrations that they have each year. Wylma also helps them with their park clean up. Presently she sits on a planning team for the Trefoil 2013 Guide Gathering.

In 1995, possibly earlier, Wylma became secretary to the Holiday Park Community Ass. Wylma would take and type the minutes of our monthly meetings and would type all the letters that had to be sent to different civic leaders or government officials when needed. She also did all the typing for our Community News Letter (booklet) that originally went out 4 times a year and is now down to 3 times a year. My husband who has been the President of the HPCA for the past 20 years said she was just the greatest secretary as she could take his scrawl for his articles for the Newsletter and turn it into a piece that people looked forward to and 'could' read. Her task was even more difficult than most as my husband ,Walter, is a truck driver and was not a man with a computer and so all his rough copies of his news letter articles or his letters to government officials were written on what he had at hand, believe it or not, paper towel! Wylma would decipher these rolls of paper towel and the scratch was magically turned into a master piece. I do believe the fact that Wylma was formally a teacher helped her to read and transcribe the barely legible ink on paper. Wylma stayed on as Secretary till Feb. of 2007 at which time she moved out of our area. She would have been 65 at that time. To this day she still proof reads and edits our News letter (booklet) for us 3 times a year. (About 24 hours a year)

In about 2000 Wylma joined the Saskatoon Craft Guild and volunteered over the years as Convener as well as an instructor. Presently and for the past 5 years she has been secretary for the Saskatoon Craft Guild. In all these positions she has given about 8 hours monthly.

Wylma taught Home Economics till 1991.Wylma then went into a new career as a Recreation Therapist at Oliver Lodge (a long term care facility for seniors) until 2002. After retiring from Oliver Lodge Wylma began volunteering at Oliver Lodge. Wylma is now the Volunteer Coordinator and just wrapped up being on the fund raising team at Oliver lodge. She volunteers here about 10 hours a week.

In her spare time for the past 12 years Wylma volunteers yearly for the Saskatoon Symphony book sale to raise money for the group. She works the sale as well as prices books throughout the year. Wylma gives about 6 hrs. a week to this volunteer position.

Wylma is presently President of the CWL (Catholic Women's League) for the St. John Bosco Parish and has been an active member for the past 38 years. Wylma, before being president has headed up convener ship in many areas within the CWL. She has participated in fund raising projects for the CWL which inadvertently help people within our parish as well as people in our city to and as far reaching as people in our world. Wylma has also sat as Chair for many committees within our St. John Bosco Parish such as for the Parish Nurse Council (Health Council), Liturgy and Parish Council. Up till this past August 2011 Wylma was also a member of the St. John Bosco choir every Sunday except for one Sunday every month when she rang Hand Bells. Wylma, since becoming a Senior, has probably put in about 8-10 hours a week of volunteer service in the many different areas of involvement in the activities of the church, benefiting so many people from children to seniors and all in-between.

In volunteering to play Hand Bells for the St. Martin's United Church service, between the practices and the actual playing for St. Martin's Church she probably gives 10 hours a month.

Wylma's volunteerism has impacted all ages and walks of life, from the Girl Guides that still learn from her or benefit from her shared talents to the seniors in the Senior's home who look forward to the number of volunteers that she co ordinates, to the members of the craft guild who have learned from her expertise, to the neighbours in our community who read the well edited H.P.C.A. news letter, to the church members who receive music to their ears or much needed help if they are at the receiving end of the efforts of the CWL.

Wylma is a life long learner and is still taking classes for Seniors at the Saskatchewan University. I'm sure that what ever she learns she will be passing it on to those she comes in contact with in what ever capacity she is filling. Wylma has a love of life and people and is motivated by that.
In return Wylma is a motivator and a blessing to all the lives she has touched and that is many!!

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