Joy R.

Ridgeway, ON
Nominated by Debbie Chapman

Volunteered for:

Yellow Shirt Brigade

Length of Service:

80+ hours per month for 8 years

February 26, 2014

This Lovely Lady while seeing the need, dedicated her time, rallying for the saving of our health care situation, our hospitals, for the people of Niagara. Joy, went to and stood in the faces of Parliament, was invited to meetings government, and medical, closed and open, to be informed and continue asking why, and what the plan is ? This woman, with another senior, on one of her many many days of gathering names, walked in the pouring rain, in January to take petitions door to door all day, "On her Birthday" no less. This Lady, wrote letter after letter, made and recieved call after call, even created a monthly newsletter for all interested, and an informative booklet and CD to be sent to HUNDREDS of Mayors and communities, of Ontario, to alert of whats to come. All of this at the risk of her own health due to the exhaustion and stress. Joy has been on tv now so many times with the fight is a very familiar face to all, Joy had many people that were not happy with her, but far far more that honor her for her efforts. She listened tearfully to many life stories, and gave heartfelt hope. Joy wanted us to have choice ! This woman deserves some unrequested recognition. It has been an overall successful challenge after many many years now, and we have told her, she did more than her share, and now should sit back and watch things carry on in the hands that have those tasks, and know that she did incredible work, All out of the kindness brilliance that is "JOY".

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