Claudia C.

Brampton, ON
Nominated by Mona Walrond

Volunteered for:

New Life Covenant Centre

Length of Service:

75 hours per month for 10 years

Volunteered for:

Glorious Praise Ministries

Length of Service:

15 hours per month for 7 years

March 1, 2014

Organization #1:

I feel privileged to be able to speak on Claudia Clarke's behalf as Nominator. She is selfless, kind, patient, caring and is dedicating her retirement years, on a full-time basis, in service to the community. Until her retirement, Claudia Clarke (affectionately addressed as Sister Claudia) was employed as Treasurer/Admin Assistant in the Administrative department of the Church. There she had the opportunity to observe and appreciate the strengths and needs of the various Ministries (Seniors, Youth, Women's, Men's, Family, etc.). When she retired, she made a personal decision to 'lend a hand' by offering to volunteer her services to support the operations of the Church (New Life Covenant Centre) on a full-time basis.
Sister Claudia volunteers from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Thursday for New Life Covenant Centre and Glorious Praise Ministries. For New Life Covenant Centre, her activities include: telephone receptionist, assisting with registrations for various programs, administrative support for various - example: fundraising initiatives, record of visitors and new members. Sister Claudia says she enjoys her role because she can see that other people are benefiting from it. She is also aware that, from a financial standpoint, her volunteerism helps the Church to reach out to the greater community in the form of Food Bank and financial support in emergency situations. Members of the community often call the Church for a variety of support. Those needs would have placed a huge financial burden on the Church. Sister Claudia's volunteerism makes it possible for the Church to support those requests.
Comment for Organization # 2 (as advised by Home Instead Support due to issues with nomination software).........

Claudia Clarke understands the needs of the 'Shut - Ins' who frequently are not able to physically attend Church services where they can receive messages of Hope. The role she plays at the Church enables her to hear from folks who often feel discouraged. As a result, when Glorious Praise Ministries was launched, she immediately volunteered to provide whatever support she could, so that the needs of these people ('Shut-Ins') could be met, and that they would no longer be 'Shut-Out' from receiving Hopeful messages. Glorious Praise Ministries is a para Church Ministry in that, it works in tandem with New Life Covenant Centre by taking the Ministry beyond the four walls of the Church through the Television Program 'Invasion of Hope'. This Television Ministry reaches out via Vision T.V. to the 'Shut-Ins' and offers them Hope. It encourages people to build their Faith, be Hopeful, and, if hopelessness should ever enter their thoughts, to call the Church for encouragement and support. Since the launch of this T.V. Ministry, numerous families have contacted the Church. Families who have called for support included: people who were suicidal, homeless (living in temporary accommodation), becoming involved with drugs, and other situations that led them to feel discouraged.
They received support through 'The Invasion of Hope' telecast which is produced by Glorious Praise Ministries. They have become successful in leading positive, healthy lifestyles. Some of these families have become volunteers in the community in order to 'give back' to others.
People call from all parts of Canada for support and/or to provide feedback on their progress.

Claudia Clarke provides support in the basic functioning of Glorious Praises Ministry as administrative assistant, and manages the financial aspects of the Ministry. This includes telephone reception, receipt of donations made to the Glorious Praise Ministries, ensuring that the bills are paid to the T.V. station, and maintaining accurate records. She is usually the first contact at the Church Office. Glorious Praise Ministries rely solely upon volunteer support and donations from its Community Partners for its existence. Claudia Clarke's volunteerism makes it possible for Glorious Praise Ministries to be effective in reaching its goals of reassuring the needy by sharing Hope and thus, saving lives. She is patient, caring, and has a soft, welcoming voice which has a positive impact on those who telephone the Church Office.

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